Chapter 3: Losers Weepers
Earliest Picture of Sparrow | August 11th, 2010
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Earliest Picture of Sparrow
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posted by Tod Wills on August 13th, 2010
Here's some more old Ekwara art from high school... and this is about of the last of it that I have on hand, sorry (or happily) to say! I distinctly remember drawing this instead of paying attention in U.S. History. Sorry Dad! Haha...

Anyway, back in the first version of the story, Sparrow was named Sage, and the jaunx as a species weren't little bipedal housecats, but anthropomorphic lynxes. Sage as a character was more serious and magically powerful than Sparrow ended up being in this final version of the setting. I envisioned him as a brown tabby cat, though, and that gave me the idea to base the most recent version of the character on my own brown tabby, whose goofy and outgoing personality lent a lot to how he appears in the comic, now. Sparrow's blindness is also inspired by my cat, as are a few of his talents, which haven't shown up in the comic, yet!
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