Chapter 3: Losers Weepers
67 | June 16th, 2010
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For the Record
posted by Tod Wills on June 16th, 2010
Since the comic so far has been dealing with both kids and species that don't have much dimorphism (just wait until we get to the part of the story with grevicans in it - they have two distinct body types unrelated to gender!), here's the rundown:

Matiph's a boy, Jristin (Jree) is a boy, Tae (the human baby) is a girl, Quen is a girl, Ginger is a girl, Sparrow is a boy, West is a boy, Baxi is a girl, Rhiagh is a girl, Resk, Bren and Iebra are boys, Old Raven is a girl and Chandrian is a boy.

There you go! ;) It is no longer a mysterious mystery!

Generally, jaunx are and should be difficult to tell apart. Many other folks in the setting can't tell. The stereotype is that female jaunx are more serious and down-to-business, and male jaunx are more easygoing and friendly, except around other male jaunx. Ginger comes from the stoic culture of nomadic Auln jaunx, where she would be considered downright lighthearted.

Despite being an androgynous little kid with long hair, Jree acts much more like the endrich idea of what a little boy should act like. Matiph does not. Like Earth's chimpanzees, they look comparatively more human-like when they're young, developing heavier ape-like features as they age.

Despite the three named vedrig happening to be male, both male and female vedrig play equal roles in pack life, and the split among the hunting party is about fifty-fifty.
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