Chapter 1: Lost and Found
01 | August 29th, 2009
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Page 2
posted by Tod Wills on August 31st, 2009
Here's a lineart preview of page 2: Click here!
Here's an older version, from back in May. I was experimenting with brush inking, and liking the result, but not so keen on the character design and lack of line control, so I decided to save that for when I've had more practice with it. Inking with a brush is tricky! Click here!
Comic Site Launched!
posted by Tod Wills on August 30th, 2009
Thanks to Virmir, Ekwara's website is now ready to go! The comic will update on Saturdays! Spread the word! I'm very excited about this project!

For new viewers, the comic has just launched today (Saturday the 29th)! Thanks for stopping by :) While you're here, you might want to check out Crimson Flag and Dracula, both with plenty of available content. Then come back next week for updates on all three comics!
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