Chapter 5: Cargo Cult Film, part 2
150 | January 17th, 2011
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The Southern Jungles
posted by Tod Wills on January 18th, 2011
Story went one page under, so here's a map of the Southern Jungles, where the next part of the story takes place. This region is under the control of the dragon Inerraan, who lives in an opulent underwater palace in one of the lakes of the Crocodile's Pearls chain, further to the north. Inerraan's territory is the largest of any of the dragons, and it is considered the second in command, or most powerful, of the nine dragons under the Dragon King.

In the jungles, the city-states under Inerraan's rule are mostly located along the coast. There are many people of various species living deeper in the jungle, but the region is notoriously difficult to police simply because it is so inaccessible, and on the far border of Inerraan's realm.

The population is the usual mix of Ekwarian species, with a few only found in large numbers here: pandril and ferix (who are not especially kind to outsiders, as the skull and crossbones might indicate). It also has a large vedrig and shrinn population outside the cities.
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