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Species Lineup | October 1st, 2010
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Species Lineup
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Species Lineup!
posted by Tod Wills on October 2nd, 2010
I got back from my afternoon's walking around and errands. I got some art hung up in my favorite local coffee shop, the Black Drop, so go see it and other stuff from the BS of Comics all this month, if you're in Bellingham.

I'm pretty beat, and the next page involves me successfully drawing a mechanical doobat, so I will conquer that dragon tomorrow, and in the meantime, didn't want to leave you all hanging. Here's a page from my giant, phonebook-sized Ekwara sketchbook, which barely fits on the scanner.

It shows a lineup of all the major sapient species on Ekwara. We've met all but two of these species, so far!

From left to right:

Laeki - elves - long-lived and magical descendants of Homo habilis who wound up in Ekwara.

Vedrig - hoofed but wolf-like, quadropedal carnivores, descended from the Eocine mesonychid Sinonyx jiashanensis, here possessing strong magical resistance.

Jaunx - magically created, intelligent felines which first appeared on Ekwara about three thousand years ago.

Shrin - Dromaeosaurid dinosaur-folk, of mysterious origin and even more mysterious ways.

Grevican - dog-like, horned marsupials, related to the pandril and descended from a population of proto-mammals which found its way to Ekwara and evolved into marsupial-equivalent creatures. While they are not sexually dimorphic, there are two fairly different body-types which occur equally throughout their species.

Drau - the most common sapient species on Ekwara, but with an unknown origin, likely descended from early primates.

Endrich - goblin - descended from a chimp-like ancestor. Bipedal, but with opposable thumbs on their feet.

Pandril - otter-like egglayers which were magically created from grevican ancestors.
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